Forex Master Levels Review & Get $350 DISCOUNT – Nicola Delic

Forex Master Levels Review & Get $350 DISCOUNT – Nicola Delic

Forex Master Levels Discount – Get $350 OFF!

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Forex Master Levels Review

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to make extra income to sustain their lives. However, the road to riches is never easy, and it might take a lot of time before one accumulates enough money to be declared rich.

One of the fastest and efficient ways of generating money on a daily basis is by trading the forex markets. An estimated $5 trillion is traded in the forex markets every day, and everyone has the opportunity to make some cash. But, before, you make any money, you have to learn how to trade, and you must be equipped with a suitable forex trading system.

One such trading system is the Forex Master Levels, but this system is quite expensive to acquire, and not everyone has access to it. However, it has a lot of value, and Nicola Delic, the person who engineered it, is giving you the opportunity to own it at a hugely discounted price. If you are wondering what exactly this is, read the Forex Master Levels review below to get further insights to help you decide if this is the product you have been looking for.

Forex Master Levels is released, it is making waves. It promises to be among the best forex trading products that ever hit the foreign exchange market. It is a simplified system that provides forex trading signals and enables you to make a consistent profit. If you have had bad experiences with forex trading products in the past, Forex Master Levels is here to soothe the past pains and give you cause to smile in forex trading.

This forex system is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can make you smile and grow your forex account in no time at all. Continue reading to learn more about this system and how it can turn around your fortune in forex trading.

Forex Master Levels Overview

The system contains innovative and unique forex trading tools and methods. It was built based on a sound knowledge of scientific forex concepts towards helping end users to improve the results they obtain from forex trading. The system is easy to use and responds very fast when the market condition is favorable. Account security is also assured. The contents include

• Online membership
• Trading manual
• DVDs

Forex Master Levels

The trading manuals are presented in a step-by-step manner to make it easy for the forex trader to follow the instructions through. The DVDs are six in number, and they deal with different topics, like

• Trading ethics
• MT4 basics
• Thinking like a trader
• How to trade
• How to use system indicators
• How to find the right trading setups.

You can chat with Nicolai Delic in the members-only zone, which is one other unique feature of the Forex Master Levels.

Value and Profitability

The actual value of Forex Master Levels is more than $3,000, but the developer has placed a small price tag of $997 on it to make it affordable to many more people. The compositions of the forex trading system are in physical forms; this means you will receive the trading manuals, tutorial guides, and DVDs by hand. This was also the case with the previous systems developed by Nicolai Delic. This excellent Forex trading system was tested for an entire month, and it increased the test live account by 174.38%.

One other beautiful thing about this system is that it can generate trading signals during any forex trading session, be it the London, New York, Sydney or Tokyo session. Consequently, the end user will have limitless opportunity to make money. The all-around usefulness of the system across all trading sessions means the trader can trade anytime he or she is free. Forex Master Levels supports every currency pair imaginable. It can also be used in trading stocks and metals, like gold, silver, etc.

Technicalities of Forex Master Levels

Several custom tools and indicators are used in developing Forex Master Levels. It can give accurate forex signals across several timeframes. Some of the custom indicators are:

• SMA 1
• RSI 5
• EMA 5
• SMA 5

Additionally, the system uses fractals and trend lines. Moving averages are the most popular indicators used in this system because these indicators can pick out trending markets easily, enabling the trader to make a good profit each time. Four different moving average indicators are included, and they are highly reactive to price movement in the forex market.

Furthermore, the RSI 5 helps to measure the change and speed of price movement, plotting it on a scale of 0 to 100. Fractal helps to predict price reversal on a forex chart. The custom fractal used in Forex Master Levels has five bars which help to show price movement.

Moreover, the trend lines used in this system help to map out an upward or downward trend. Also, the support and resistance lines are outlined on the chart, making it easy for the trader to pick out the next area of resistance or support. The support and resistance lines can help the trader to determine the following:

• Entry point
• Exit point
• Stop loss
• Take profit
• Re-entry point

With these specific points outlined for the trader, the chance of losing a trade is very slim. Be that as it may, the system does not produce 100% reliability; no forex trading system does that. Despite that, the profit percentage is very high and will easily cover up for the few losing trades.

Furthermore, the system uses candle-stick patterns, like bullish and bearish engulfing patterns. The hammer and inverted hammer candlestick patterns are also used in making trade decisions in the Forex Master Levels. Hammer and inverted hammer give a strong indication of price reversal. While they are not necessarily used to determine entry or exit point, the hammer and inverted-hammer patterns can be used in confirming a trade.

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One other indicator used in this forex trading system is the Fibonacci Retracement tool. It is also useful in confirming exit point. The time frame used by the Forex Master Levels is the 4-hour chart, giving the trader adequate time to take care of other important things.

Other points to consider

  1. The system can be fully learned under 30 minutes of trading the manuals
  2. Buyers will have access to a 60-day money back guarantee just in case they fall out of love with the system after buying it
  3. The retail price is $997
  4. The Forex Master Levels is built following unique and scientifically proven principles, with its origin based on the Scientific Trading Machine. Consequently, it can transform the way you have been trading forex
  5. The end user will have access to constant online support
  6. There are four DVDs inside each pack. The end user will also have access to live webinars, an online forum, a step-by-step manual, and tutorial guide.

What are the benefits of Forex Master Levels?

  • Forex Master Levels DiscountThe Forex Master Levels is developed in such a way to help the traders improve their trading skills in an efficient and fast manner. Consequently, a complete newbie can compete with many of the most experienced forex traders around in no time.
  • The system does not only give access to profitable forex trading strategies; it also teaches about forex trading.
  • It is simplified in such a way that even a newbie can grasp and apply the strategies provided in the Forex Master Levels.
  • The system is not complex, and you can start earning a lot of money from it less than one hour of reading the manuals. This is one feature unavailable in many other forex trading strategies available out there today.
  • As hinted earlier, end users will have access to 60 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked. You also get to keep the system after the refund. Additionally, end users will have access to 27/4 customer support via which they can ask any question about the program. Experience shows that the customer support service is very fast and efficient; clients never have to wait at all before the desired responses are provided. To make things even more interesting, end users can get to discuss with Nicola Delic himself to ask questions about the system.
  • The system is a product of several years of experience in the forex market, poured out generously by a professional forex trader with proven experience. There is, therefore, an assurance that the product will give the desired result. The winning formula provided in this system is exactly what Nicola Delic uses in his forex trading activities.
  • The manual and trading platform is user-friendly, making it very easy for the end user to learn fast. The details are well explained and well organized too.
  • The effort put into this system is capable of translating a consistently-losing trader to a consistently-winning one. It is designed to minimise trading errors to ensure the trader comes out on the green side at the end of each trading period.
  • Forex Master Levels has inbuilt money management strategies that help to cut losses anytime a trade-call goes against the plan. As a result, it can minimise losing trades and safeguard profits.

What are the outstanding things to expect from the Forex Master Levels?

  • Nicolai Delic shares lots of deep secrets about the forex market in this system. Many tricks and tips to transform the trader into a consistently profitable one will be revealed in it. The deep secrets on which the system is built makes it one of the best tools to crack the forex market and make a consistent profit.
  • If you have not been making money in forex trading before now, Forex Master Levels will open the door to consistent winning trades. It will also build the trader to become better within a short period.
  • The customer support system is responsive and of top quality. The same measure of quality seen in the previous system, Scientific Trading Machine, developed by Nicolai Delic will be improved in this new trading system.
  • Customers will have access to a 60-day warranty during which they can return the product and be refunded, no question asked.
  • The system is not available for download; it will be delivered by hand, which means you will get the DVDs and trading manuals in hard copies.

A little about the developer

Forex Master Levels was developed by Nicola Delic, a master in forex trading. He is the author of Scientific Trading Machine, another forex trading system that took the foreign exchange market by storm when it was released in 2016. Considering the successes recorded by the Scientific Trading Machine, one can only expect something extraordinary from the Forex Master Levels.

Nicola DelicAside from being a professional forex trader, Nicola Delic is also a forex trainer. He has an enviable measure of knowledge about forex charts and economic news, enabling him to build highly reliable forex trading systems.

Being a professional forex trader, he always takes time to test his systems before releasing them for sale. He has students all over the world, and he has proved himself to be a reliable forex trading tutor and mentor.

Nicolai Delic was once employed in various finance-related jobs where he got experience in the financial market. He began his career as an analyst before he ventured into forex trading. His hatred for 8-5 jobs forced him to quit his job in 2010. He then opened the Singapore Grand Capital where he showcased his expertise in the financial market as a seasoned analyst.

Nicolai never had it easy getting clients to patronize his new company; in fact, he had to wait for about 12 straight months before he could get the first client to patronize his services at Singapore Grand Capital.
His full-time foray into forex trading started after he watched a YouTube video posted by another forex trader. The video geared his interest, and he set his mind to read books about forex trading. He was encouraged by the fact that forex trading does not require huge capital to kickstart.

The Elliot Wave Theory was the first big hit he had in his quest for knowledge in forex trading. He spent some time reading about the Elliot Wave Principle, which translated him to an expert in forex trading. His winning trades increased as he further mastered the Elliot Wave Principle.

Nicolai Delic released the Scientific Trading Machine (STM) in 2016. The system is well-structured and easy to understand. STM focuses on individuals who want to learn and trade forex in the comfort of their homes; traders only require about 3 hours to learn about the trading tactics described in the STM.
The Forex Master Levels is an offspring of the STM. Be that as it may, it is expected to be a far better system compared to its predecessor. Forex Master Levels is yet to be released for sale, but feelers have it that it will push the STM into shadows.

Furthermore, Nicola Delic is a Trading Coach at Elliot Wave Maestro, an analyst at Elliot Wave Forex Signals and CEO of Singapore Grand Capital. Aside from Scientific Trading Machine, he also developed another blockbuster forex trading system called Elliot Wave DNA.

Forex Master Levels Download



The indicators used in developing this system work based on trend-trading method. The idea of “The Trend is your Friend” plays out in this forex trading system. Besides, the system identifies price trend and uses it in making trading decisions.

Additionally, the trading system has about 80% reliability. The trend-following state of the system makes it useful for traders at different levels of trading skills. No need to demo-trade for a very long time after purchasing the system; you can open a live trading account immediately and start raking in cash. The system is extremely simplified, enabling the trader to start making money with an account balance as small as $50. The signals provided by Forex Master Levels have high-profit potentials. It does not generate false signals.

Finally, the trader can generate up to $1,000 profit every month by following the signals generated by Forex Master Levels. The benefits are outstanding, and the system opens the door to financial freedom for the trader.

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